IBAL Report September 2017

Athlone:Ai?? 17th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed.Ai?? Clean to European Norms.

An excellent result for Athlone with nine out of the ten sites surveyed getting the top litter grade.Ai?? This is a big improvement for Athlone.Ai?? Some examples of top ranking sites included Burgess Park, Athlone Castle, AIT Sports and Athlone Institute of Technology and the Car Park of Golden Island Shopping Centre ai??i?? these sites were all exceptionally well presented and maintained.Ai?? There was one litter blackspotai??i?? Car Parking area at Diskin Centre ai??i?? this wasnai??i??t just casually littered but subjected to dumping and there was no improvement here on previous IBAL litter surveys.

Cypress Gardens:Ai?? Grade A. The overall impression created at this residential area was a positive one, with a virtual absence of litter.Ai?? Seating was in good order.


AIT Sports Centre and Athlone Institute of Technology:Ai?? Grade A. An extensive area was surveyed and all aspects of the area surveyed were in excellent order.Ai?? Clearly this ai???Smoke Free Campusai??i?? is very well respected by the users and carefully looked after by those responsible for the maintenance.


Car Parking area at Diskin Centre:Ai?? Grade D. This wasnai??i??t just casually littered but dumping had taken place.Ai?? There was no improvement at this site since last included in IBAL Anti litter survey.Ai?? Much of the litter was alcohol related (cans and cardboard boxes).Ai?? The main surface area of the car park was very poor, with pot holes very much in evidence.


non precription xanax Golden Island Shopping Centre:Ai?? Grade A. The car parking area of Golden Island Shopping Centre scored very well.Ai?? The area was well served by litter bins, the pavements were clear of chewing gum and there was good use of planting and shrubbery throughout.Ai?? All aspects of the area surveyed were in very good order.


Church Street:Ai?? Grade A. This is quite a narrow street with many ai???oldeai??i?? style shop fronts.Ai?? The overall impression was a good one, however, chewing gum was pronounced, with lower levels of cigarette butts.


Burgess Park:Ai?? Grade A. This extensive public space has scored well in previous IBAL litter surveys and it was no different this time around.Ai?? The playground and pedestrian pathways were clear of litter.Ai?? A detailed notice explained the type of dogs Ai??allowed in the park,Ai?? another regarding restrictions regardingAi?? consumption of alcohol and there were plenty of dog fouling notices.Ai?? There was minor graffiti on the visitor information notice board and a litter bin.


The Strand:Ai?? Grade A. The overall presentation of this waterside amenity was very good.Ai?? Benching was in good order, grass was neatly cut and there was an absence of litter throughout.


Athlone Castle:Ai?? Grade A. The entrance and general environs of Athlone Castle was excellent.Ai?? Clearly a very close eye is kept on litter as there wasnai??i??t any to be seen.Ai?? Visitor information signage was well presented and careful attention had been paid to the shrubbery ai??i?? it was sculpted with ai???Athlone 2017ai??i??.Ai?? All in all, this was a top ranking site throughout.


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Exit 8 on M6 Approach to Athlone from Dublin Approach:Ai?? Grade A. A very good first impression is created of Athlone along this approach road.Ai?? The road surface, signage and markings were in excellent order and the maintenance of the road was good.


N61 Roscommon ai??i?? Athlone Connecting Road:Ai?? Grade A. There was a virtual absence of litter along this route which passes through two local authorities.



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