Residential Streets & Housing Areas

Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013

  • Creation of database


We have revisited the Residents database and updated the contacts.  We have a dedicated member of our committee, who makes personal contact with the resident associations and this has proved very valuable. 

Awards Night


As in other years, Athlone Tidy Towns hosted an Awards ceremony to give recognition to those estates tat make an extra effort. We held our awards night on 16th October 2012. This was a great success and we had a turnout of over 250 at the event. We have a collection of Plaques and Cups that have been donated by kind families who like to mark the event in memory of past members of the Tidy Townsc Committee

In addition, we held a best garden competition and gave feed back on the adjudicators comments in both competitions.

  • Completion of Estates


Completion of services in the unfinished housing estates of Priory Park and Pinewood Close


  • Local Authority Housing Estates


This has proved difficult, as we are more likely to experience indiscriminate dumping here than in non- Local Authority Estates. We have blitzed these estates this year and feel at this stage that we are on top of the rubbish problem.

  • Planting of trees


We have become proactive in encouraging the planting of trees in estates. This has been noticeably successful in Sli an Aifreann, Talbot Avenue, Crystal Village, Valleycourt and Mayfield Grove.

  • Additional assistance from Tidy Towns Committee


    1. Our workers have supported Resident Associations with their clean up and planting where they have not the facilities to carry out this work on their own. We have removed debris and vegetation and this has been greatly appreciated.


    1. We have given financial assistance towards the purchase of paint to enhance unsightly walls.


    1. When requested we have assisted in spraying of weeds and their removal.


    1. We also supply special green Eco friendly bags to estates and arrange the collection of them at appointed times so that they can keep on top of litter.


  • Demolition of the remainder of St Mel’s Tce.


 This area is now grassed over and will be used as an open space until planned development for the site is implemented.

  • Overall interaction with Resident Associations


We are satisfied that there is a greater buy in to the aims and objectives of the Athlone Tidy Towns from residents Associations as a result of been proactive in delivering support to them in keeping their respective residential areas clean and tidy. There is a greater ownership of the litter problems and a willingness to do something about it. We still have a distance to travel with a few areas but we feel that we are getting there.

  • Action planning implemented as recommended by Donaldson Report



The main item to be addressed is the implementation of the following check list for each estate within the town.  This checklist hereunder is circulated to each of the residential association secretary, where known:-

1. Road boundary walls will need to be painted each year especially on busy roads.

2. Gable end walls though sometimes difficult to paint due to height should be painted when the rest of the house is being painted.

3. Timber fencing will require treatment at each year with a proper wood preservative.

4. Estates to be encouraged to provide entrance name signs and directional signage within the estate.

5. Green open space grass areas will need to be cut frequently if a quality presentation is to be achieved. The provision of a few well chosen trees ideally adequately spaced in a clump to be promoted.

6. Promote non use of areas to the back of estates as dumping areas for cut grass and other materials.

7. Simple landscaping at individual houses using trees and shrubs appropriately.

8. Year round colour to be encouraged rather than planting for summer presentation only.

9.  Litter control problems to be addressed by each individual estate.

10. Private hedging alongside a footpath to be trimmed back to the inside pavement edge from time to time.     

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