Built Environment & Streetscape


Summary of projects undertaken for this year 2012 / 2013

 Community led projects


  1. Refurbishment of Pearse Street, which will include to repainting of derelict shops and buildings and the power hosing of the streetscape (completed May 2013) and a new tree and planting arrangement. . There are three art deco buildings on this street which gives it an additional attraction.


  1. The front of the Friary church needed attention and our workers Power washed the front wall and iron railing of the church.


  1. All the Dock area was cleaned and made ready for the tourist season boat hire business using power washing and coloured gravel at the seating area. Planting of roses, removal of Graffiti at the sides of the castle also complimented this work.


  1. The railings at the promenade (Accommodation Road ) were repainted in addition to the old gate.This was particularly neglected. Following this exercise we secured the goodwill of the Barracks to paint their railing and also received sponsorship to paint the railing fronting the property of Irish Rail at the Old Railway station.


  1. On the Roscommon Road, there were may neglected buildings but in particular one of them stood out for attention. We approached the elderly owner of this building and part funded the repainting of his premises ( Kilmartins). This prompted another landlord to tackle other premises in this area and together with the improved flower display during last Summer, the Roscommon Road was awarded a prize for its much improved appearance at our Awards night.


  1. The main town bridge was power washed in June 2012. Plans are in place to re-instate Hanging baskets on the lamp posts. 


  1. Reshaped the frontage of Jones Oil at Castlemaine Street with a large contribution toward the cost coming from the Oil company.


  1. Power washing of the Front of the Civic Centre in preparation for last years “Triathlone”


  1. Power washed the Bawn in the town centre, were the home place of Count John Mc Cormack is located.


  1. Power washed The Strand area


  1. Power washed Custume Place


  1. Cleaning & power washing at the Abbey


  1. Abbey Graveyard and Old Church renewed


  1. Painting at Promenade
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